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Over the past seven years we’ve seen amazing advances here at Earthcube with a great deal of research towards developing the best system for each situation. Shipping container architecture is a viable alternative for certain situations, but, surprisingly, not always the best, or cheapest option.

A shipping container home will cost over $3,000 per M2 if built to NZ standards. Compare this with the German Earthquake Block system at around $2,000 per M2 and is well above NZ standards. So you can see why we need to have more options.

The homes we are now building with this system truly worth considering… these large perforated clay blocks are a natural product creating walls that breathe with amazing thermal values and natural lime plaster finishes.

The fact that this system was developed in Germany over 100 years ago and those homes are still there today is very reassuring… and that’s true sustainability, a home built to last for future generations.


So we now offer the best of German thinking combined with New Zealand Design and Craftsmanship to make a home which is high quality by international standards.

So whether shipping container, earthquake block or other system, tell us about your project and let us help you find the best option in terms of a sustainable, affordable and enjoyable home.