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Our interiors are built to last for generations, this kitchen is 100% Stainless Steel and is Fireproof, Waterproof, Rot Proof and Termite Proof….

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The art of making the most of space with design excellence and optimal storage options is a vital part of our work….

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Our exclusive system uses no particleboard, fibreboard or toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde but offers a unique combination of craftsmanship and quality sustainable materials….

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Integrated Cabinetry is aligned to give Visual Harmony and Extensive Storage without crowding the rooms…

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Tropical Island Homes that are Resistant To Earthquake, Hurricane, Fire, Water, Termites and Burglary…

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Welcome to Earthcube…¬† the fact that you’re here suggests you are seeking better build options and that’s great.

The first question asked is often “How much per square meter?” and that formula works OK on the average 3Bed with Garage etc. But when the home is smaller and intensively fitted out with quality materials as with Earthcube the formula is not really applicable. Think of Earthcube Homes as a “yacht in a box”, built to last for generations and adapt as your needs change.

A properly engineered and fitted shipping container house is around $3,500 per square meter, however in tropical locations this can be cheaper as the insulation systems are not so intense.

So today, we offer a design and consultation service for those wanting larger projects.

And we can supply a limited range of smaller homes that are produced in batches to control costs.

So the many designs are here just to give you inspiration and a starting point…