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As lead designer at the Earthcube Project, it has been my goal not just to find a better structure for your home, but to make the entire process of designing and building a memorable pleasure, and the final result a delight both for you and for generations to follow.

I find that my clients know what they like and enjoy taking part in the design process. We use extensive 3D technology to enable you to experience your home before it’s created.

This level of visual involvement is another step in the unique path we have created to reach the parallel goals of creating an exceptional home and enjoying the journey.

Chris Brauchli – Designer

The best way to contact is by Email:     

As we can’t always get to the phone…           Phone: 0226 540 570

We’ve moved from our old facility at the Port of Tauranga to a rural location nearby, visit by appointment only, thanks.

Several new projects are underway and the new Design Studio, Research Unit and Workshop are worth a visit too…


Sample of 3D design….


The Earthcube Project began with a total rethink of design and building practice.  Coming from the super yacht and high end residential sector, we knew about quality, but how could a superior, sustainable home be made affordable?

The shipping container is one of the strongest building elements on our planet. There are no nails, screws or glue, but fully MIG welded seams which are stronger than the pieces being welded. This creates a “Unibody”,  a unit with no weak points.

Being earthquake and hurricane safe is only the beginning with these cubes. They can stack, span and cantilever at no extra cost, allowing us to create structures of immense strength at greatly reduced cost.

Many standard building materials are not allowed in our homes as they are simply not good enough.  We have sourced superior materials through the most direct supply lines possible to make a home that will last for generations.

But the real secret is in making these homes warm, inviting and beautiful. Homes that will last for generations need to keep their aesthetic value and be cherished by those who will live with them. And this is where the magic really begins…

The following Seven Points are at the core of our thinking as The Earthcube Project seeks to redefine both the building process and the forces behind those practices itself to create the best possible solution for each of our homeowners.




01. Use the design secrets we’ve discovered over the years to make your home perfect for you and your unique site to enhance your relationship with family, friends and environment.

02. Make your design and build process as fulfilling as possible by using advanced 3D visualisation, animation and  full Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology

03. Build your home at the lowest cost to homeowner and environment by combining modular ISBU construction with our experience in yacht interiors and high end residential design and build.

04. Use healthy and sustainable materials which last a long time and help their homeowners do the same while avoiding profit driven corporates and sourcing by the most direct route possible.

05. Build each module at our dedicated Earthcube facility to control quality and cost by eliminating travel time and waste of natural and human resources.

06. Offer our homes globally by using the strength of the shipping container in combination with the global container network already in place for moving cubes around the planet with ease and economy.

07. To continue to adapt and move forward with research and development and the application of better thinking, materials and solutions to the needs and problems of our clients and our world.

Of prime importance are the principles behind our designs that help to create homes of timeless value. Many of these concepts are so little understood in our culture, that their names have no equivalent in the English language. We have condensed some of the most important into a seminar… The Seven Secrets of Great Design.

As Sir Winston Churchill said “We shape our homes, thereafter they shape us” What this means to us is that designing your home is about re-thinking and designing your life…